At UDC a great number of issues, with impacts in the short, medium and long-term, fall under the general heading of the Environment. The success of every activity undertaken relies upon a responsible stewardship of the resources it consumes, both in construction and operations, as well as the proper management of the materials it consigns back to the environment as waste. 

UDC recognises that its reliance upon the effective management and continued stability of the environment is absolute, and spares no effort to make a full and consistent contribution to environmentally sustainable practice in all its businesses.

UDC is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations and any negative impacts associated with the products we produce. 

UDC complies with the requirements of all relevant legislation in Qatar and other countries in which operations occur. Where standards are given, UDC typically meets or improves upon them. 

UDC implements an effective environmental management system and ensures it is communicated to employees, partners and shareholders, as well as to customers and neighbours. 

UDC continually improves environmental performance by measuring it and raising the targets set. 

UDC uses energy, water and raw material resources efficiently. Wherever possible, UDC produces raw materials from sustainable sources. 

UDC regularly monitors and audits environmental performance and publicly reports progress on policy objectives and improvement targets. 

UDC actively encourages suppliers and contractors to behave in a responsible manner by maintaining sound environmental practices. 

The Pearl-Qatar presents UDC with the opportunity to demonstrate the full range of its commitment to environmental issues. The standards embodied at the Pearl-Qatar, in planning, construction and implementation phases are consistently high quality and continues to be replicated throughout the UDC portfolio. 

Education is at the heart of the UDC environmental program. At The Pearl-Qatar, environmental awareness training has been given to over 2000 fit-out contractors. The environmental team continues to make presentations at conferences and educational facilities, sharing ideas with students, journalists, and clients. The environmental program has produced video and literature to support environmental messages. Monitoring environmental impacts to globally recognized standards enables UDC to keep a close eye even on effects that UDC may not necessarily expect to occur, and to ensure that UDC can react positively. 

Each year UDC conducts a full ecological survey, including site inspections, several rounds of water quality testing, a full noise monitoring survey, and dust-monitoring exercises. The implementation of effective environmental policies in place for residents at The Pearl-Qatar (for example the complete prohibition of non-biodegradable plastic bags) and investment in a centralized waste removal and cooling system throughout the island ensures that UDC’s environmental legacy will continue to bring benefits to future generations.

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