Health And Safety

Health & Safety 
At the foundation of good corporate practice lies a commitment to the highest standards of health and safety for all of those working in UDC businesses. This notion extends to include those who live and work around the sites of our commercial activities. 

Work at The Pearl-Qatar provides an indicative snapshot of UDC’s dedication to the ensuring absolute compliance with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) guidelines. Under a Coordinator, a team of more than 20 officers and assistants conduct daily checks, audits and site visits across the entire development area. As well as monitoring HSE performance around the clock, the team also runs an awareness and education program, making these considerations a built-in part of operations on the island. 

Across the UDC portfolio, the scale of Health and Safety resource varies relative to the size and activities of the enterprise, but in every case there remains an unqualified commitment to creating and maintaining the safest and healthiest working environments for all those who work at UDC.

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