The Clusters

A breathtaking tropical island experience

The gentle lapping water on the pristine coral beach draws you from your reveries as the cool breeze ruffles the palm fronds above you that can only accentuate the tranquility that is your home at Reef Island's Clusters. From your garden drink in the serenity of the morning whilst you contemplate an early morning dip in the luxurious sea water lagoon.

Choose your uniquely conceptualized Clusters villa from an array of different yet harmonious master designs built to an un-compromising standard using the best quality materials and finishes to give you the home of your dreams nestled in a breathtaking tropical landscape. Each villa of the Clusters offers a spectacular lagoon and open sea view with sizes ranging from 450m2 to 800m2.

Each element of the Clusters, from the paved granite footpaths to the enchanting surroundings signals an exacting attention to lavish details. Amid this sophisticated haven, with direct access to the magnificent crystal clear lagoon, you can enjoy a lifestyle of prestigious dimensions. 





  • Swimming pool for adults and kids
  • Nursery and playroom for kids
  • A coffee shop that will service the pool and will offer you the most distinguished service at the privacy of your own homes
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